Quality Control System

About Our Quality Control System


What is the Emboss Five-Finger Squeeze Gloves?

Records are kept of the product and shipping history for two years (traceability is secured).In order to make efficiently our 480 products, and to fill the always changing daily orders, we use the cell production method in our factory (each item is produced by a single person). We use barcodes for product control and to record details of the product as the manufacturing history. We use JAN codes for each and every of the packaging material, small boxes, bags, and cardboard cases, and we also use a lot code (for factory name, machine number, operator name, time and date of manufacture).

When the product is shipped, based on the product information, the JAN codes and manufacturing history codes are recorded with a handy terminal, and this information is kept as the shipping history for two years. Should there be a claim, our quality control system allows us to do product exchanges quickly: the product and shipping history is searched, every destination the product has been shipped is determined, and an emergency product recall is initiated. We always consider customers' viewpoints in providing ease of mind and safety.


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